The Option Of Adoption: What To Expect When Placing A Baby For Adoption

Posted on: 6 March 2017

An unplanned pregnancy can be a frightening experience for women who were not planning to have children any time soon. Whether you were using protection or not, you may not have expected to end up pregnant. If you do not think you are mentally or emotionally prepared to become a mother to someone who will need you and depend on you, it is possible that you are looking into other options. If you do not want to get an abortion, you may want to consider adoption.

Adoption is an alternative option for women who are expecting and are not prepared to become mothers. It is a great way for you to give your biological child the life you believe you simply cannot provide for him or her at this time. It is a truly loving and selfless decision. Nearly 135,000 children in the United States find a new and loving home through the adoption process each year. There are many things you can do to make sure your biological child ends up in loving arms.

Get in Contact With an Adoption Agency

Even if you are feeling indecisive, consider contacting an adoption agency to learn about your options. There are often two different types of adoptions available for both the adoptive parents and the biological parents: an open adoption or a closed one. Do you feel like you cannot provide for the child in any way but would still love to know more about the child as he or she starts to grow? If so, an open adoption may be the right option.

The Open Adoption: What You Should Know

With this particular option, you can keep in contact with the adoptive parents and the child through letters and occasional meetings. While the specific details of the open adoption will vary based on what you and the adoptive parents can agree on, this option allows you to keep in touch with the child as he or she grows. The child may even learn that you are the biological parent at some point, which gives you the opportunity to answer any questions he or she may have over the years.

Before the process even begins, you can speak with an adoption counselor who will get to know you and help you review different folders of various families that are looking to adopt. You can start to learn more about these families, such as their beliefs, things they like to do for fun, and how they plan to raise the child. After viewing the different folders of various families, you may find one that you think is the perfect fit. If everything works out as intended, they could become the adoptive parents to your child. It is all about finding that perfect match for your little one to ensure that he or she has a good life.

The Closed Adoption: What Is It Like?

Although open adoptions are quite common, you do have the option of anonymity. If you would like to give birth, but you do not want the child to know anything about you, it is possible for you to choose a closed adoption. You can agree to provide medical information just in case it may be needed in the future if the child ever has any medical issues, but you do not have to be involved at all. If you do choose the closed option, you would not receive updates or calls from the adoptive parents. It is ultimately your decision.

You may have found out you are expecting and are now feeling worried because you are not ready to be a mom. Even if you are not ready, there are plenty of families who would love to adopt. If you are willing to place your baby up for adoption, it may be best to start looking into the different options and decide on the best one for you based on how you feel about everything. Regardless of what you decide, it is important to know that the decision you make is one that comes from the heart because you only want what is the absolute best for the baby.